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Laying Bare the Questions

The purpose of art is to lay bare the questions which have been hidden by the answers.–James Baldwin Looking at the questions beneath cultural representations of aging. Putting these up somewhere on the streets of Mumbai. Advertisements

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As a new year starts I’ve been practicing my new year’s resolution of being mindful and hopping out of the worry loop that can suck me endlessly into anxious voids. So far, I’m finding that meditation and knitting are solid … Continue reading

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Visualize Liberation

I’ve been wanting to participate physically in the Occupy movement, and as I’m back to the states for a few weeks I made these posters depicting a few of the repeated concrete statements of the various humans associated with the … Continue reading

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Breaking Down Biodegradable–Consumption

When I learn about extremely depressing things, like how many sea animals die each year from ingesting plastic, I feel the need to teach small children these sad things. So, I made this coloring book full of depressing truths and … Continue reading

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Layers: Subconscious to Conscious

Marinating on layers of consciousness. Been writing down my dreams and sometimes when I re-read, the dream is dissolved and only the words remain. I’m interested in interpreting these images, dragged back from the subconscious and recreated by my conscious … Continue reading

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Whiteness in Mumbai

One of the biggest privileges of being white in the middle-class USA land I grew up in is that you don’t have to think about race if you don’t want to.  Even though it dictates everything from speech to life … Continue reading

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Guerrilla gardening. A little war using seeds as weapons–questioning ‘private’ land, borders, fences, and unused land. Throwing grenades made of compost, clay, and seeds into construction sites. Hoping.

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