What my liberation looks like

So I drew this in December 2010, one month in to being in Laos, for what my liberation looks like:

When I look back and think about this drawing and what I think my/our liberation looks like now, I think I’ve been feeling less specific about it, which feels good.  I guess I’ve struggled with being a human/politicized and finding myself in a group that seemed to have a specific vision/way of thinking/talking about liberation that I agreed with, but also that I felt was narrow (and not abundant/loving).  The incredible complexity and emptiness/everything of power relations, of the natural world, of our brains is easy for me to get lost in and ambivalent.  But I do think that threads of that have to carry over into what I think my liberation looks like.  So for now, I don’t feel specific about it, but I feel like it might have something to do with the idea of endless transformation – and the space for it (like the spaces art sometimes can make).

Here’s something that felt really good!!!!

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