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Some consumerism illustrations.



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I recently participated in a horribly crazy Facebook debate about blackface, in which a Swedish girl in Laos dressed as Tupac for Halloween and painted her face black.  When my friend, one of the few black folks in Vientiane, put this up on her wall: “When did racial caricaturization suddenly become acceptable again? This is actually a question that I’m asking, because it seems like tolerance of these representations may be increasing. I’ve been really surprised and disappointed by the number of people who for Halloween costumed as American Indians, in blackface, etc.”, a friend of the Swede (a white American/Scandinavian) jumped in to defend her, resulting in this long debate in which all the classics were hit (colorblindness, cultural relativism, what shade is offensive, you are a racist!!! no I’m not!!!, what’s funny, how about drag, etc etc).

I made this comic in response – it’s not quite what I wanted to say, but I was trying to use layers to move from big to little and get away from the dismissive stuff.

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liberation in motion, series 1: nyc

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some things about consumption.






i’ve been thinking about lists of things i research/read/talkabout, and then these lists spiral into so much information, where many of these topics like student debt, like occupymovement, like police and gang injunctions and make-up stores, fruit stands.  the roads covered in mist and birds taking off in numbers over buildings graypink sky…

and all these things touching their tails and stringing each other along clotheslines of money.

is land [-appropriation, -theft, -enclosures] where all thats fucked up about consumption compulsively, begins? the privatization, exploitation, expulsion?

and this is beautiful, a moving postcard, in this vein: Gentle Now, Don’t Add to Heartache by Juliana Spahr.

so does this all begin with land?

and then there’s the movement of objects, across oceans:

to oakland from china, to china from oakland

“They have bought your happiness.  Steal it back!” French Situationists, 1960s

“Shopping is a feeling.” – TRUE STORIES, David Byrne

the shopping mall has replaced

the town center, in many amerikan cities.  shopping itself has become the activity

that brings everyone together.

Debt is another form of consumption.  A net that we are driven into when we are forced to exist within a neoliberal economic sociality.

And how people resist this net.  Shred it.

I’ve been reading a lot by the Zapatista’s Subcommandante Marcos and loving the hearts and clarity and switching pronouns and the political integrity of the we, the we living together in the mountains, training for years and calling out in love and resistance for the earth and the people, all the people.

Also been reading reading reading about foreclosure and debt, particularly student debt, and investment schemes/models like hedge funds and loan companies and the government.  There’s the online signature to resist, but the site is sadly devoid of real information and how will we be connected through online signatures?  There’s the human megaphone to resist, but that doesn’t relieve the burden or the 15 daily collection phone calls that dog former students.  Student debt is estimated to reach one trillion dollars this year; it makes me angry that our government approves predatory loan schemes for education.  Read more about default here.

May 1968 student uprisings, france

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Breaking Down Biodegradable–Consumption

When I learn about extremely depressing things, like how many sea animals die each year from ingesting plastic, I feel the need to teach small children these sad things. So, I made this coloring book full of depressing truths and hopeful ideas.

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Layers: Subconscious to Conscious

Marinating on layers of consciousness. Been writing down my dreams and sometimes when I re-read, the dream is dissolved and only the words remain. I’m interested in interpreting these images, dragged back from the subconscious and recreated by my conscious mind.

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Also… Teddy Cruz’s Political Equator

This is a great piece/concept/presentation by the architect Teddy Cruz, who re-draws the equator using the Pentagon’s language of “functioning core” and “non-integrating gap.” It has everything to do with consumption (and immigration, and colonialism, and globalization…). Cruz holds yearly conferences on the San Diego/Tijuana border to explore this rethinking of the equator as a model for discourses on economics, politics, and urban space.

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