One example of what our liberation looks like

I see here:

Building in Santa Cruz, reclaimed by the people from Wells Fargo be a community center.

At building

Read more about the Santa Cruz Social Center here.

My friend emailed me this and said it made her tear ducts begin to well up at the thought that even if she lost her job, she wouldnt have to lose her house to the bank if we could defend it like this!  Let’s be free of fear that the capitalists will throw us to the curb and we won’t be able to perform our necessary labor to survive.

I’m not all hippy-dippy-happy-go-lucky tho.  Shit is real at Mills and seven people were laid off yesterday; fifteen positions elimated.  People fired at 9am and told they had to leave campus immediately, to come back on Saturday or after-hours and only with a security escort to collect their belongings.  It’s fucked up.  Students are organizing in protest.  I think our liberation needs to have TRANSPARENCY, because no institution can function on and exercise inequality when the people know what is happening.  Art project forthcoming about this.

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